PT PPI Beri Klarifikasi Terkait Isu Impor Daging pada Tahun 2016

Jakarta (ANTARA) – PT Indonesian Trading Company (Persero) or PPI provided clarification on important meat issues in 2016 as reported by one of the national media.

PT PPI’s Managing Director Fasika Khaerul Zaman said that what was moved by the Tempo magazine published on 30 May 2020 regarding important matters in 2016, PT PPI invited parties related to the needs in 2016, no longer needed at the company.

“The company follows the necessary procedures and is very cooperative on everything that the authorities require in order to be published in this study,” continued Fasika.

PT PPI’s Managing Director further said that PT PPI highly upholds information disclosure and ensures that it will continue to run business processes based on the principles of good corporate governance (GCG) in improving company performance.

The principles of good corporate governance are also important to run in business processes in order to stabilize prices and support the growth of the nation.

PT PPI as one of the state-owned companies engaged in export, import, and distribution, currently focuses on the sale of regular commodities such as trading in fertilizers and pesticides, pharmaceuticals and medical devices, consumer products, building materials and agricultural equipment.

While non-regular commodities that are currently underway are sugar imports that will supply sugar needs throughout Indonesia.

PT PPI, as one of the government-owned companies engaged in the trade business, has demonstrated its existence well. Founded in 2003, PT PPI developed into a large company with a number of branches spread throughout Indonesia in 32 branch offices and more than 12,000 kiosks or outlets.