Bahan Pokok & Pangan


Bahan Pokok & Pangan

Sugar is a strategic commodity in Indonesia. For reserves for national sugar consumption, the government through the Ministry of Trade imports sugar by registered importers. PT PPI is one of the registered importers appointed by the government in order to stabilize the commodity price of sugar by importing white crystal sugar. Since 2003, PT PPI has carried out a government assignment to procure white crystal sugar which is allocated to meet sugar needs in Indonesia. PT PPI as a distributor and stabilizer for white crystal sugar prices, distributes white crystal sugar which has ICUMSA levels of 81 IU - 200 IU and is of the Indonesian national standard (SNI), through nearly 12,000 partners and 32 branches throughout Indonesia.

Rice is one of the nine basic ingredients. In several countries, especially Asia, rice is the most important staple food. Apart from being used as rice, rice is also used as an ingredient in various kinds of snacks and cakes, mainly from sticky rice, including for making tapai. PT PPI is also often given assignments by the Government to help absorb farmers' unhulled rice production, which by absorbing farmer's rice, it is hoped that the price can be stable. In the future, PT PPI in synergy with BUMN will build Rice Milling Units (RMU) in several districts in Indonesia.

Wheat flour is a food ingredient made from wheat kernels in the form of powder or very fine white grains. This flour is a type of flour that is often used in making various types of food and dishes. For example, flour is used as a staple ingredient in making noodles, bread, biscuits and porridge. PT PPI sells wheat flour in the Java and Papua regions under the trademarks Dahlia, Melati, Kantil, and Bogasari. For the Papua region, PT PPI acts as a distributor for the reduction of basic food prices in Wamena and Puncak Jaya.

Cooking oil is oil derived from plant or animal fat which is purified and is liquid at room temperature and is usually used for frying food ingredients. Cooking oil serves as an introduction to heat, a savory flavor enhancer, and a caloric value enhancer for food. PT PPI is now collaborating with PT Industri Nabati Lestari on Marketing Cooperation for Cooking Oil (Olein) Products. Of course this is included in the framework of mutually beneficial cooperation efforts by utilizing the potential, expertise, and facilities owned by each party in the framework of product buying and selling cooperation and is based on the spirit of synergy between BUMN and BUMN subsidiaries (PT Industri Nabati Lestari is a subsidiary company. PTPN 3).

Refined salt is the salt we usually use when cooking. This salt has gone through a lot of processing so it has a very fine texture and has also been enriched with iodine. Iodine is one of the essential minerals needed by the body. Lack of iodine intake can cause children to experience mental delays, hypothyroidism, and various other health problems. By adding iodine to salt, diseases caused by iodine deficiency can be prevented.

Table salt is almost entirely pure sodium chloride, 97% or higher. Usually table salt is added with an anti-caking agent to prevent clumping, so we can get them as fine grains that don't stick together.


Eggs are a livestock product that provides the largest contribution to achieving adequate nutrition in the community. From an egg, you get sufficient nutrition because it contains nutrients that are very good and easy to digest. Therefore eggs are an excellent food for growing children and require large amounts of protein and minerals and are also recommended to be given to people who are sick to speed up the healing process.

Telur mempunyai kandungan protein tinggi dan mempunyai susunan protein yang lengkap. Secara umum telur ayam merupakan telur yang paling sering dikonsumsi oleh masyarakat karena mengandung gizi yang melimpah.

Glutinous rice is a type of rice that has a whiter color than other rice. This glutinous rice has a bigger and harder size. Glutinous rice is still included in the type of grains but is different from other types of rice. If cooked, the glutinous rice will have a sticky texture. Cooking glutinous rice is the same as cooking rice in general. Usually glutinous rice is often consumed by people who are on a diet because of its lower carbohydrate content and can be processed into a variety of Indonesian specialties such as lemper, yellow rice, fried uli, and talam cake.