Dharmabrand – Pestisida

Dharmabrand – Pestisida

Dharmabrand hadir sebagai sahabat petani Indonesia yang terdiri dari insektisida dan herbisida untuk mengendalikan OPT (Organisme Penganggu Tanaman) dan mengoptimalkan hasil budidaya tanaman. Adapun produk Dharmabrand meliputi, Dharmasip 50EC, Dharmasan 600EC, Dharmabas 500EC, Dharmafur 3GR, Dharmapara 276SL, dan Dharmara 480SL.

Carbamate insecticide which acts as a contact poison and stomach poison in the form of a brown concentration that can form emulsions in water. Very effective in controlling important pests of rice plants such as brown back leafhoppers, green leafhoppers, white back leafhoppers, armyworms and stink bugs; armyworms in chili and shallot plants and stem borer in sugarcane. More economical due to lower pest control costs. Very effective against various pests of vegetable, food and plantation crops.

Is an insecticide that works as a systemic contact and stomach poison in the form of purple granules. This product is useful for controlling green leafhoppers, stem borer, stink bug, leaf fly & armyworm on rice plants, seed flies, armyworms in soybean plants, armyworms in shallot and chili plants.

Controlling plant pests, both at the larval stage and the imago stage in a unit and certain way. Dharmasan 600 EC works to affect the nervous system so that the insects become hyperactive, then flounder, then die. With the work of the Dharmasan 600 EC, attack death occurs no later than 72 hours after application by showing symptoms that the body is wrinkled, stiff, and emits brownish black water.

With the active ingredient sipermetrin 50 gil, it is a pyrethroid insecticide which works as a poison and stomach to control pests in chili, shallot, tomato and soybean plants.

Dharmapara 276 SL is a post-growth contact herbicide, in the form of a solution in turquoise water which is very effective for controlling common weeds in oil palm plants by killing the affected parts of the plant and toxic to living plant cells. This herbicide cannot be absorbed by other plant parts that are not green with leaves.

This product is also fast, economical, and effective in controlling broadleaf weeds, lowland rice cultivation, and land without crops

Sprayed weeds will appear to dry out and eventually die. This herbicide does not cause phytotoxicity in plants if used as directed.

Dharmara 480 SL is a post-growth systemic herbicide with active ingredient Isopropyl Amine Glycophate 480 g / l, in the form of a solution in yellowish water.

It is systemic, not selective towards target weeds, so that it has a broad spectrum in weed control and kills plants to death down to the roots.

Dharmara 480 SL is more effective and safe to use because it is included in the WHO category into Class IV, which is classified as harmless in normal use. Its use is to control broadleaf weeds and grass in oil palm plantations (TBM).

Available in 1 liter, 5 liter and 20 liter packages, with a more practical and innovative packaging.

Through 32 branch offices spread across Indonesia, @PPIPersero distributes Dharmadrand products thoroughly to agents and distributors, so that Dharmabrand is easily available to farmers.

PT PPI as the exclusive distributor of PT Petrosida Gresik and PT Mitra Kreasidharma for herbicides, fungicides and other insecticides. There are 10 brands of pesticides from PT MKD, including: Block Up 480 SL, Zebindo 80 WP, Rennate 40 WP, Delta 25 EC, Labrador 25 EC, Innova 25 EC, and others. There are around 60 brands of pesticides from PT PSG, including: Brown Up 480 SL, Sidatan 410 SL, Sidafos 480 AS, Sidaxone 276 SL, See Top 525 SL, Damin 875 SL, Guela 12.5 PA, Sidametrin 50 EC, Sidalaris 240 SL , and others.