Agricultural Products and Equipment

Agricultural Products and Equipment

Indonesian coffee is currently the third largest in the world in terms of production. Coffee has an important role for people in Indonesia. Indonesia is one of the largest coffee producing and exporting countries in the world. The economic potential that it has comes from the coffee sector, making it a good opportunity for PT PPI, which is currently aggressively developing Arabica coffee management methods from Sumatra and Papua. The steps we are taking are assistance for the harvest process, post-harvest management, purchasing green bean, and marketing of premium products. The coffee variants to be developed are Papua Wamena Coffee, Sumatra Toba, Sumatra Mandailing, Aceh Gayo and Papua Blend. This PPI coffee brand is called Covare.

The connection between a cup of coffee and the farmer is good, because of the commitment to produce the best quality. The natural consistency has the perfection to influence the yield of every coffee bean offered. Combining synergies between connections (connection) farmers and nature (environment), Covare Coffee is the home to introduce their processed coffee beans. With the aim of obtaining an expressive response from consumers based on the quality of the coffee beans offered and returning the value produced by each cup to the farmers.

Covare can be found at marketplace such as Tokopedia, Lazada, Blibli, Shopee,, and so on. To support this, PT PPI is also currently setting up a coffee factory in Lodan, North Jakarta. The company develops coffee by raising farmers, raising all those involved and of course to raise the company itself with measurable and balanced profits.

PT PPI partners with Indonesian farmers (upstream) in meeting the needs of red chilies (Capsium annum) which are distributed by branches to be absorbed by the local (downstream) market. This red chili is one of the prima donna horticultural commodities that have high economic value and is suitable to be developed in tropical areas such as Indonesia. PT PPI also seeks to participate in controlling prices through cultivation directly upstream using technology screen house and irrigation systems dripline. This is intended so that the risk figure for crop failure in the rainy season can be minimized. This Red Chili Pepper Cultivation Business Project has been running since July 2017 until now. In the early stages, the company did cultivation pilot project use red bird's eye chilies screenhouse and the rest using traditional / conventional methods on land owned by PT PPI.

PT PPI collaborates with the Wonosobo potato farmers in the Dieng plateau who have enormous potential as a producer of export-quality potatoes. This potato has a characteristic yellowish color, can last up to 2 months and the fruit tends to be tougher.

PT PPI partners with seed breeders in various regions in various regions throughout Indonesia. Varieties for rice seeds include: IR64, Ciherang, Towuti, and Situbagendit. As for corn, namely: Bima 19, Bima 20, SP-1. PT PPI also collaborates with the Agricultural Research & Development Agency of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Indonesia, through cooperation in developing innovative agricultural research & development agencies through licensing.