Non-Subsidized Fertilizer

Non-Subsidized Fertilizer

In running its business as a trading company that has the ability to distribute goods, PT PPI collaborates with various fertilizer companies, making it easier to distribute fertilizers throughout Indonesia. Armed with long experience and the existence of branches, warehouses, and operational vehicles owned by PT PPI, of course it is of added value to distribute goods properly and greatly assist farmers in the regions in obtaining these fertilizers.

KCL fertilizer or what is often referred to as MOP (Muriate Of Potash) is a single type of fertilizer that has a high concentration, which contains 60% K2O as potassium chloride. This is a potassium-containing fertilizer which is suitable for all types of plants that are tolerant of chloride or low chloride soil. In addition, KCL fertilizer can be applied to all types of soil.

NPK fertilizer is a fertilizer that contains nutrients such as Nitrogen (N), Phosphate (P) and Potassium (K). NPK compound fertilizer is a fertilizer that contains at least 5 nutrients consisting of 3 macro nutrients, namely N, P, and K and 2 micro nutrients. Each type of fertilizer or brand has a different percentage or composition of content, which is marked with numbers such as MPK 16-16-16, NPK 15-15-15 or NPK 12-12-12. These numbers are the presentation of the macro nutrient content in it, while the micro nutrient content is so small that it is generally not written on the package.

Urea fertilizer is a substance that helps plant growth. Urea fertilizer is made chemically with a high nitrogen content. Urea fertilizer makes plant leaves greener, lush, and fresher. Nitrogen also helps plants to have lots of green leaf substance (chlorophyll). With an abundance of green leaves, plants will find it easier to carry out photosynthesis. Urea fertilizer also accelerates plant growth, increases the protein content in plants, can be used for all types of plants, both for food crops, horticultural crops, plantation business crops, plants around livestock and also plants around farming businesses.

ZA fertilizer is an artificial chemical fertilizer designed to provide additional nitrogen nutrients for plants. ZA fertilizer easily absorbs water, because sulfate ions are very soluble in water while ammonium ions are weaker, this fertilizer has the potential to reduce the pH of the soil that is affected by its application. ZA fertilizer improves quality and increases production and nutritional value of crops and animal feed due to increased levels of starch protein, rice, sugar, fat, vitamins, and others; improve the taste and color of the crop; the plants are healthier and more resistant to environmental disturbances (pests, diseases, drought); Its nitrogen content is only half that of urea fertilizer, so its application is usually intended as a source of nutrient supply for sulfur in soils that are poor in this element, so ZA Fertilizer is the best choice to meet the needs of sulfur nutrients.