About Us

PT Perusahaan Perdagangan Indonesia (Persero) / PT PPI since established in 2003, has become one of BUMN that operates in domestic and international trading, growing large supported by strategic working unit which are Parent Company (Main office & 32 branches), Subsidiary company, Representative Office (Overseas), Rural wholesaler (domestic) and sales partners Representative Office (Luar Negeri), BUMN Shop (Dalam Negeri) dan Mitra Penjualan.

PT PPI (Persero) continuously strives to increase the value of the company by playing the maximum role as a Development Agent and Value Creator. Through the creation of a business ecosystem with strategic partnership which creates harmonization supply-demand from upstream to downstream (end to end), Added Value Process and measurable commercialization of various products and commodities trading, export and import; also trusted by the government to handle regulated product & restricted product; and play a role in helping price stability and availability of national food stocks and / or other community needs.

PT PPI (Persero) is also continuously improving network development Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in supporting operational activities that facilitate the company's business as well as optimizing the use of its resources to produce high-quality and highly competitive products.