Company Business Activities

PT PPI (Persero) continuously makes improvements and improvements in various fields in order to improve company performance towards the creation of a mutually beneficial business ecosystem and contribute to improving the welfare of the community and stakeholder lainnya.

Through the escalation of the company paradigm in the new era of the global trade industry, PT PPI (Persero) is continuously creating a comprehensive business ecosystem by paying attention to common interests ranging from supply sources (upstream), value added processes (production and processing), and aggressively opening distribution networks. (downstream) both domestic and foreign markets for improvement marketshare.

The main business activities of the company are:

International trade and domestic trade which includes export, import, inter-island, local trade, distribution, representation and agency, retail, and the procurement of agricultural products and their derivative products and agricultural implements; forestry products and their derivative products and forest exploitation tools; plantation products and their derivative products as well as plantation tools; fishery products and their derivative products and fishery tools; general mining products and their derivative products as well as mining equipment; industrial products and their derivative products, production tools or machines; materials for construction; tools for construction; medical and laboratory equipment; trade services; pharmaceutical wholesalers; oil and gas and their derivative products.

Perform production / build units processing untuk memberikan nilai tambah barang-barang yang mendukung  perdagangan tersebut.

In addition, PT PPI (Persero) can carry out business activities in order to optimize the utilization of the company's resources for building leases, office leases, shop leases, land leases, transportation, property and tourism.