Program Kemitraan & Bina Lingkungan

PT PPI in running the company's business has two major responsibilities. The first is to increase the value of the company through benefits to the community and the second is to carry out social and environmental responsibility. The role and social responsibility of PT PPI is carried out through the PKBL (Partnership and Community Development Program), as stipulated in the Regulation of the Minister of State for SOEs Number: Per-09 / MBU / 07/2015 concerning the Partnership Program and Community Development Program for State-Owned Enterprises and also PER-03 / MBU / 12/2016 concerning Amendments to the Regulation of the Minister of State-Owned Enterprises Number Per-09 / MBU / 07/2015.

In implementing the Partnership and Community Development Program, the target development that PT PPI wants to achieve is to improve entrepreneurial and managerial skills and provide capital assistance, increase production capacity, marketing and others so that the fostered business can become a strong and independent business which in turn later expected to develop into medium and large businesses.

Selain itu, upaya PT PPI ini ditujukan untuk memberdayakan kondisi usaha masyarakat oleh BUMN di wilayah usaha tersebut melalui pemanfaatan dana dari bagian laba perusahaan, yang dapat dilakukan dengan program mandiri PT PPI maupun berkontribusi dalam kegiatan BUMN Untuk Indonesia.