Vision & Mission

PT PPI, as one of the government-owned companies engaged in the trading business has shown its existence well. Established in 2003, PT PPI has grown into a large company with branches spread throughout Indonesia in 32 branch offices and more than 12,000 kiosks / outlets.


"To be a Trusted and Leading Trading Company and Having Access to Marketing Resources and Networks at Home and Abroad"


  1. Conducting general and special trades that handle a wide range of products from upstream to downstream in a commercial and scalable manner
  2. Carry out local and cross-country trade transactions
  3. Producing goods that support trade
  4. Forge partnerships with integrated services by utilizing reliable Information Technology networks and systems
  5. Improve employee welfare through productivity.


"Increase the value of the company through benefits for the community."


  1. Sincerity, uphold the trust given.
  2. Competent, continue to learn and develop capacity.
  3. Harmonia, care for each other and appreciate differences.
  4. Loyal, dedicated and prioritizing the interests of the nation and state.
  5. Adaptive, keep innovating and enthusiastic in moving or facing change.
  6. Collaborative, build synergistic cooperation.